Hijab Storage Crisis

Slms/ Hi Everyone :)

I haven't been around much lately, I know, but I've been a little under the weather and, together with the cold, I decided to just go into hibernation for a while. I am back though, and ready to do a post on something many readers have been asking about: how do I store my scarves/hijabs? It's a dilemma for every Muslim hijab-wearing female, and believe me, I was not exempt from it either! I've had my fair share of hijab-storage-gone-wrong until I decided enough was enough, and got rid of all those gimmicky items and did it the old fashioned way-in a wardrobe.

A couple of years ago I found this scarf holder at Woolies, thinking that finally my scarves will be more organized and my drawer that holds them will be free for something else (and not look like a hurricane hit it every time!). So with a very optimistic outlook I purchased it, and as soon as I arrived home I emptied out my drawer and looped the scarves through each ring. Of course I just had way too many hijabs for the scarf holder and I had to loop more than two scarves through a single ring, but the result wasn't too bad. In fact, I quite liked the idea and hung up the scarf holder onto the rail, and that was that. Or so I thought. About a week later, half the scarves were back in the drawer because a) I had to remove a few scarves to get to the ones I wanted; and b) I was simply too busy (read: lazy) to put them back onto the scarf holder. It was just too much of a chore for me. Well that didn't last very long then.

Not long thereafter, during a shopping stint at Makro, I ventured into the homeware aisles and came across these beautiful velvet trouser holders:

I thought they'd do well as scarf hangers since they were velvet and the scarves wouldn't slip off easily. Plus they seemed easy to drape over and remove again. So after a quick mental sum in my head I bought about six of them, and, again, eagerly placed all my hijabs onto the hangers. At least these hangers lasted longer than the Woolies holder, and I was determined these hangers would be the solution to my hijab storage problem. Wrong again! After about two months, the hangers started snapping (I don't know why it took two months for that to happen, but it did) and I was finding my hijabs lying at the bottom of my cupboard instead of where they should have been-on the hanger. I think this 'hijabs-on-hangers' thing is just not meant for me!

See what I mean?


I've also seen on Pinterest a few ideas on how to store hijabs-one way is to attach shower curtain rings to a hanger and loop the scarves through the rings (but I've so over the hanger story, and besides, it looks darn ugly!) so that was definitely out for me, and then I also searched a few sites on how to store fabric, which is kind of the same as scarves. Sewists have a similar problem of fabric storage, so it's worth checking out. Personally I love these ideas:

This is such a clever idea-mail sorters used as holders for fabric. It would work superbly for hijabs/scarves.

Filing cabinets would also make good hijab storage

I love this idea for a walk-in-closet-how pretty the scarves would look hung up like this!

Perfect solution for niqabs (face veils). A neat and fuss-free way of storing them.


So…fed up with the hangers that don't suit me, I'm back to the good ol' wardrobe routine, and I'm all the happier for it. Easy to pull out, and even easier to pack away. Less stress => less headaches => happier me!

If you have any interesting hijab/scarf/fabric storage ideas, leave a comment below and share your tips with us!



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4 thoughts on “Hijab Storage Crisis

  1. slms! I feel your pain :( I have the same issues, also have the big ring scarf holder ( your woollies one) but it’s just not working for me either. I ended up buying 2-3 more of the very first metal ring ones and im surviving… definitely need an easier, simpler form of storage. folding would never work for me cos they would just end up in a bunch …my sil hangs hers on the inside of the cupboard door instead of on the rail ( also with the metal ring holder system) that way when u open the door you can see the variety – instead of fighting your way through them like I do ;)

    • That’s a great idea! I did consider doing something like that, but I have way too many scarves to fit them all onto the back of the door. But it’s a neat, space-saving solution if you can fit them all in. 😊

  2. I also have the scarf holder, got it as a gift. Half my scarves are still on there because I haven’t used them in a while. LOL I don’t like it at all. Love the pics you posted from Pinterest. For now they are just jumbled up on a shelf in my cupboard until I find a better way to store them.
    Don’t have much time on my hhandsand use my free time to just relax nowadays Lol

    Great post!

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